Superior Paper Products

Superior Paper Products located in Marshfield, Wisconsin was established in 1981. We are a manufacturer of paper rolls.

Our main
products are: adding machine rolls, cash register receipt rolls, two-ply and three-ply carbonless rolls, self-contained carbonless, thermal rolls, specialty rolls and one and two colored printed rolls.

Superior Paper only sells through our network of dealers. If you are an end-user please use the Contact Us button and let us help you contact a dealer nearest you.

If you are a dealer looking for an honest, dependable and accommodating supplier, Superior Paper Products is the company to contact.

The Smart Choice… for today’s emerging applications.
When it comes to your individual roll converting needs, you could say Superior Paper Products is “on a roll.”

We specialize in what you need - when you need it. The truth is, Superior Paper Products enjoys a top notch reputation for the proficient conversion of your adding machine and cash register roll requirements. Our time-tested approach in this market area continually offers the quality you’ve come to expect, at a price you can afford. And we don’t stop there. You can count on Superior Paper Products for tomorrows business needs as well. We’ve come through in the clutch with all of your high-efficiency performers like: